Misc. metals


Metalcentret was established in 1942 under the name of Niels Christian Maibohm.

In 1942 Metalcentret was situated in humble surroundings in Amager (Copenhagen) and many of the fundamental values, by which the company is managed today, originate back to the early days. Wholesaler Maibohm launched his business by purchasing scrap metals and transporting it on his three-wheeled delivery bicycle.
Today the three-wheeled delivery bicycle has been replaced by two specially constructed trucks which on a daily basis handle deliveries all over the greater Copenhagen area. During the years the market coverage has expanded to include all of Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and some Asian accounts.

Metalcentret today is a modern company with 5.000 square meters of warehouse, 4.500 items in stock, a strong position on the Danish market and a growing export share to neighboring countries.


A/S Metalcentret · Ejby Industrivej 100 · DK-2600 Glostrup · Telefon (+45) 43 63 21 22 · CVR nr. 83983515 ·