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Our three warehouse buildings in Ejby (Glostrup) hold more than 5.000 items/1.500 tons – the majority of which can be delivered on a day-to-day basis.

We have chosen to carry an extensive assortment, and thus our stock ranges from large to small and through rare and slower moving units. For that reason we can meet even very complicated demands immediately.

All customers are handled on an individual basis depending on the specific request. Prices, terms and conditions all depend upon the market-driven supply and demand situation as well as the size of the account’s business with Metalcentret. If a customer has a running and sizeable demand of a specific item, we can ensure better prices and higher security in the deliveries by establishing a framework for the orders.

The more business you place with Metalcentret, the better the terms and conditions we can offer you. If you look for a closer cooperation: that could include pricing and delivery terms (just-in-time) in an ever changing market.

Metalcentret aims at long and mutually beneficial relationships with our major suppliers. Throughout the years we have established strong relations with the major mills as well as European wholesalers.

Our warehouse is run systematically and by applying considerable orderliness. We control and colour-code all items upon receipt such that the origin is traceable. For that reason we can offer certificates for the majority of our assortment.

Metalcentret has several items in stock which are unique to us, the majority of which can be documented by either a copy of the certificate from the mills or a supplier declaration.


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